Ultra-High Performance Concrete: Mechanical Performance, Durability, Sustainability and Implementation Challenges



 In this study, an extensive literature review has been conducted on the material characterization of UHPC and its potential for large-scale field applicability. The successful production of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) depends on its material ingredients and mixture proportioning, which leads to denser and relatively more homogenous particle packing. A database was compiled from various research and field studies around the world on the mechanical and durability performance of UHPC. It is shown that UHPC provides a viable and long-term solution for improved sustainable construction owing to its ultrahigh strength properties, improved fatigue behavior and very low porosity, leading to excellent resistance against aggressive environments. The literature review revealed that the curing regimes and fiber dosage are the main factors that control the mechanical and durability properties of UHPC. Currently, the applications of UHPC in construction are very limited due to its higher initial cost, lack of contractor experience and the absence of widely accepted design provisions. However, sustained research progress in producing UHPC using locally available materials under normal curing conditions should reduce its material cost. Current challenges regarding the implementation of UHPC in full-scale structures are highlighted. This study strives to assist engineers, consultants, contractors and other construction industry stakeholders to better understand the unique characteristics an capabilities of UHPC, which should demystify this resilient and sustainable construction material.

AUTHOR : S. Abbas, M. L. Nehdi, M. A. Saleem

International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
DOI 10.1007/s40069-016-0157-4
ISSN 1976-0485 / eISSN 2234-1315

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نام Ultra-High Performance Concrete Mechanical Performance,Durabili
Ultra-High Performance Concrete: Mechanical Performance, Durability, Sustainability and Implementation Challenges
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